Wonder Crush

L.A. Based Painter/Illustrator

I am a self-taught Filipino-American artist from Seattle,WA. I am known for my vibrant and imaginative pieces of beautiful calf-eared and horned women and creatures that portray whimsey with subtle elements of darkness. Her symbolic and metaphorical subject matter depicts relatable and identifiable stories of love, pain, self-discovery, triumph, and tragedy.

At a young age I started out drawing anime and Sanrio characters with very simple tools: pens, pencils, colored pencils and any surface that was free and available to a child. Drawing kept me busy and out of trouble, and it was something that I just did and never really thought about.

I was obsessed with vibrant rainbow colors, and papers and would often have packs of pens in every color of the rainbow so when I transitioned into painting it expanded my horizons and gave me the freedom to truly play with my mediums.

Painting was a hobby for me until fall of 2018 when I decided to quit my job(s) and pursue my art as a career.

When I am not painting you can find me at a botanical garden, doing yoga, eating an excessive amount of carbs, or spending way too much money on escape rooms.

The artists responsible for inspiring me are: James jean, Audrey kawasaki, Alex Pardee, Greg Craola Simpkins, Kelsey j. Beckett, Lauren Y.S., Happy d. Artist and Absolute Ama to name a few.

My current goals are to expand into mural paintings and delve deeper into storytelling with the images and to participate in more gallery showings.